Costa Este Fabrics was born as a tribute to the Mediterranean spirit, using natural materials of the best quality.

More than sixty years ago, an idea that wanted to go far beyond the mere concept of idea was born, an illusion that surpassed all imaginable limits, a need to transmit that went further than any thought.

This is how, step by step, Costa Este materialized, a firm whose main objective is to bring the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea to every home with a set of fabrics full of delicacy and sophistication.

A selection teeming of sheer curtains, embroidery, prints and plain fabrics suitable for the most exquisite customers. This is the idea Manuel Ceballos Carmona, Costa Este’s manager, wants to instill with every single design that is part of this inspiring collection.

As a natural advocate of quality and elegance, Manuel has been a leader of one of the most well-known textile brands in both national and international scene for many years. A brand with more than thirty employees and a great sales network that delivers its products to every single part of the world.

Costa Este focuses its main activity on wholesale thanks to facilities that can stock enough to be able to deliver orders within 24 hours.

Naturalness, personality and delicacy are the premises of a brand that has managed to perfectly combine innovation and tradition being always present in each of the processes, from the beginning to the end.

Thanks to broad range of carefully selected materials, mostly with natural origin such as linen or cotton, the most distinctive feature of Costa Este is the simple but tasteful look and the pleasant feel that any of the references included in the collection is able to generate, making every manufacture unique and attractive.

This is how Costa Este has managed to position itself as a leading firm in the industry, offering the perfect equation to fill each space with subtlety and identity, dedicating personalized attention to capture the character and style of all its customers.

Costa Este Fabrics

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